What is Bypasser?

For Proxy Owners
Bypasser is an ultra efficient low overhead proxy that increases traffic volume and reduces resource usage. Through the use of highly specific filtering functions and expert memory management. Bypasser can greatly increase the worth of your proxy. It is compatible with multiple caching functionalities including memcache. It works with nearly all websites and best of all its free and opensource. Installation takes less than a minute and includes guaranteed listing on bypasser.org so why not try it out?

For Viewers
Bypasser.org is the home of the Bypasser proxy script and also home to a list of top web proxies. Our proxy list is guaranteed safe and our members hand picked. We judge by speed, reliability, and trustworthiness of the owners. While there is always risk to using proxies we stick by our promise that ours are the most trusted available.

Latest News

Bypasser.org Released

Hello, Its a good thing to say today that we are officially back online. Its been quite sometime and we have been working on some really great things and beta testing our proxy script over the past year. We are ready for the public to try it and get involved. We are also listing any proxies that wish to add to our listing. Thanks